Luis Michael Bustillos

Attorney and Counselor At Law
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Horse Law
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... The Legal Affairs of Horses are Mine
Horses do a lot of weird things:
  1. they spook at trash cans
  2. they bolt from a squirrel
  3. they bite the fingers that feed them

Horse owners do a lot of weird things:
  1. they sell horses with only a hand-shake
  2. they write up waivers without knowing the law
  3. they board without knowing their responsibilities

You can resolve your horse’s weird issues, and We can resolve your horse’s legal issues.

For 20 years Horse Attorney Michael Bustillos has experienced and solved the problems that arise from owning a boarding stable and the problems that arise from boarding at a horse stable. His knowledge of contract law, business law, asset protection, and real estate law gives him the background to solve all your horse problems.

For most of us, our horse is more than a financial investment; our horse is a family member. We are as committed to our horse as we are to our child or parent or best friend. However, as with our spouse or child, when our horse becomes involved in a legal matter, we need someone on our side who knows the law.
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You already know how to love your horse, now you need someone to protect your horse.
Horses Are Your Life ...
You May Pay With Most Major Credit Cards